Why use Direct Mail in Wichita?

There are a number of ways to advertise in 2020. The best strategies require a balanced approach.

With a push to digitize anything and everything, people tend to forget about ways to advertise and market that have worked in the past.

Direct mail marketing will drive website traffic.

What do you do when you receive a piece of direct mail? Maybe you immediately decide to purchase something, maybe you head to the website, or maybe you save it for later or just throw it out. One way or another, eyes are seeing these ads.

There are numerous reasons why direct mail deserves a spot in your marketing strategy, the following are just a few.

Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

1. Response Rate of Direct Mail

Personally when I read a physical book, I retain the information more than I would if I were reading a digital copy on a screen. This is true for advertising as well.

When a customer has a tangible copy of something in their hands, they are more likely to remember that information over an email, social media, or paid search.

Direct mail has a 5.1% response rate compared to 0.6% for email and 0.6% for paid search. This is a huge jump in response.

2. Effectiveness of Direct Mail

When you receive an email, even if you signed up for it, how often do you sit down and read that email? It probably either sits unread or gets sent to the trash.

What about an ad on google? Do you trust the “top” search when it clearly is labeled ad and you know you were targeted? It may not be the best service or product.

What about a banner ad on the side of a website? Can you even remember one you’ve seen in the last couple days.
With the influx of so much digital advertisements, it’s hard to be memorable or stand out. Using direct mail, you can get a hard copy in a customer’s hand which can then drive them to your digital footprint.

3. Direct Mail Targeting

Wichita has a very diverse community. The east side is very different from the west side which are both different than the North or the south sides.

The BEST Of Kansas has separate publications for each of these areas! Many of our business customers target multiple areas, but some just aren’t relevant to their business or service. We help them reach their main target base without having to do the targeting work themselves.

For a more detailed analysis on why direct mail is NOT dead, visit expert marketer Neil Patel's blog https://neilpatel.com/blog/direct-mail-effectiveness/.

For examples of our publications, view our online version here: https://www.thebestofks.com/digital-publications


Many people consider direct mail dead. This is the farthest thing from the truth. Direct mail belongs in your marketing strategy and The BEST Of Kansas can help you do that for as little as $0.02 / home. We mail out to over a million homes a year.

Contact us today and let’s talk over how we can help you incorporate Direct Mail into your strategy today!