Why Use Postcards in Wichita, Kansas?

The BEST Of Kansas does offer Postcard Direct Mail services. That does not mean we think it is the best bang for your buck. Our BEST Of Kansas publication offers you similar marketing value, but at a much reduced price per home

Cost of Direct Mail Postcards

Postcards require the standard $0.49 per home rate. On the surface level, this may look like a good deal, but when you compare it to the value of advertising in a local publication like BEST Of Kansas, you might as well throw away your money.

BEST Of Kansas Value

BEST OF Kansas delivers monthly issues to over 100,000 homes in the Wichita area. We do this at $0.02 per home! When you compare $0.49 to $0.02, the choice is easy.

Postcard Quality

Some may prefer the look and feel of a postcard, but at the end of the day, you are looking to drive customers to your business. Unless customers make the split second decision to give you their business, the postcard is going straight to the trash. With BEST Of Kansas, with the wide array of great deals, your business will get a second or even third look as a household will skim the publication for the best deals instead of throwing it away.

Postcards can offer a good way to drive traffic to your business or website, but they do not offer the best bang for your buck in direct mail advertising.